I began my career in fitness back in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia, over 15 years ago and continue to change people’s lives in the USA, where I presently reside. I’m currently the head trainer at S10-Training, a boutique studio in NYC, working with a broad range of clients; from past and present Olympic, MLS, NBA, and AFL athletes, Hollywood actors and models, to Wall St bankers and my 71-year- old father. I understand that no two people are alike and everyone is on their own journey through life and fitness.

I believe in systemizing training and fitness in a way that will allow you to get life changing results that you will be able to maintain forever. That means finding a way to integrate periodized training, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset, that is sustainable specifically to YOU.

I began this journey with Danielle in 2018. Her strong work ethic and love for training stood out to me, and we have achieved incredible results together. She has a true passion and desire for fitness, health and wellness, and her genuine nature of wanting to help other people led me to join her and the LEVEL UP team.